Frequently Asked Questions

How many yards of sand per thousand bricks?

One (1) yard of sand per every thousand (1,000) bricks.

How many bricks per square foot?

  • King = 4.8
  • Queen Size = 5.8
  • Modular = 7

How much mortar per thousand bricks?

You need 8.5 bags per every thousand (1,000) bricks.

How thick is the stone veneer?

1¾ inch to 2 inches max

What do you use to lay the brick floor tile down?

If a bricklayer is laying the brick flooring, they usually use mortar to lay and grout. If a floor installer is installing, they will usually use thinset or mastic and grout it with premix mortar.

How many bricks in a strap?

  • King = cube count ÷ 4
  • Queen = cube count ÷ 5
  • Modular = cube count ÷ 5

Do you take pallets back?

Unfortunately, we do not take pallets back.

What is the difference between Heatstop and Sairset?

Heat Stop is fire mortar for exterior fireplaces and Sairset is fire mortar for interior.

What is the difference between type “S” and type “N”?

Type “S” has more Portland cement in it and is typically used more for commercial jobs or flooring, steps or walking/driving surfaces. Type “N” is used more for residential jobs of brick and/or stone.

How much sand to mortar?

Sand is 3:1 to mortar.

How many bags of mortar for cinder block?

Three (3) bags per one hundred (100) block.

How many wall ties and nails do I need?

You need one (1) box of wall ties and one (1) box of nails for every five-thousand (5,000) bricks.

How many bags of type 'S' mortar do you need for flooring per hundred (100) square feet?

You need four (4) bags of type “S” mortar for every hundred (100) square foot.

How much do the bags of mortar weigh?

  • Type “N” bags weigh approximately seventy (70) lbs and there are forty (40) to forty-five (45) bags per pallet.
  • Type “S” bags weigh approximately seventy-five (75) lbs and there are forty (40) to forty-five (45) bags per pallet.
  • Premix type “N” sixty (60) lbs. and there are fifty-six (56) bags per pallet.
  • Premix type “S” eighty (80) lbs. and there are forty-two (42) bags per pallet.

How much does a cube of brick weigh?

A cube of brick weighs roughly 1,800–2,200 lbs. Antique brick weighs probably double that amount since they are solid brick.

What are the dimensions of the King, Queen, and Modular bricks?

  • King = 9 5/8” H x 2 3/4” H x 3 5/8” depth
  • Queen = 7 5/8” H x 2 3/4” H x 3” depth
  • Modular = 7 5/8” H x 2 1/4” H x 3 5/8” depth

Do you pick up left over materials?

Yes, we do but we charge a $50 pick-up fee and a 20% restock fee. If you return it, you can get full credit. It has to be a fully strapped cube for us to pick up if bricks are loose or broken, we will not pick it up.

*Pick-ups are not scheduled—we pick up materials when time allows.

Do you take back special order materials?

Unfortunately, we do not take back special order materials.

Do you take back left over stone?

No, stone is considered special order material.

How soon can I get my materials delivered?

Two to three (2–3) days, depending on whether or not we have it in stock. This is always changing depending on our schedule.

Which size angle irons come with holes pre-drilled?

It varies.